Getting Started

Last updated 2 months ago

What is Realm Platform?

The Realm Platform is made up of two major components. The Realm Database and the Realm Object Server. These two components work in conjunction to automatically synchronize data enabling a great deal of use cases ranging from offline apps to complex backend integrations.

Want to take a deeper look? Read the Realm Overview White Paper, a comprehensive overview that covers core concepts, key use cases, and implementation examples.

Where do I start?

The best way to get started is to try Realm Platform out for yourself! The platform is offered as both a hosted cloud or a self-hosted plan. Take a look below to learn how to try either option depending on your own requirements.

Head over to our cloud page and sign up for a free cloud account which provides a 30-day trial experience.

For various reason, you may need to host your own server. To learn about how to install, configure, and operate the self-hosted version see this section in the documentation. You'll likely want to start by installing the server.

Pick your Platform

We have created several tutorials to teach both the fundamentals and more advanced aspects to the platform. Choose your platform to get started:

Javascript and .Net coming soon!

What comes next?

Want to learn more about Realm?

Learn how Realm Platform can help you design world-class apps and features.

Read the white paper or Watch the webinar