Getting Started


This walkthrough will take you through all of the basics of using the Realm Platform. Within this section, you will learn how to sign up and connect to your instance. This is a prerequisite for all following content as it enables data synchronization between all client databases. After this, you can optionally choose to start by loading some sample data into your server instance or you can skip right to developing a basic mobile application using Realm's sync APIs. After this, we'll show you the possibilities that are available for web applications and backend integrations (legacy databases, REST APIs, microservices, etc).

What's Next?

Get an instance of the Realm Platform to start syncing your data! This is required for everything else which follows.
Loading Sample Data introduces you to our server SDK by walking you through using it to define your first Realm and push data to it. This step is completely optional. If you are most interested in working with our mobile SDKs, skip ahead to our Quick Start Tutorials.

Quick Start Tutorials

To get started with Realm Platform, we've created Quick Start tutorials to guide you to learning the key functionality. Each tutorial is self-contained, but builds off the previous tutorial, to incorporate more advanced functionality. Both the Query-based Sync and Full-sync tutorials include adding on the right access controls for each kind of query.

Integrate with your backend

Finally, learn about how you can integrate your Realm Platform application with your existing backend whether it is an existing database, a REST API, microservices, etc
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