Getting a Realm Object Server Instance

Starting off: Getting an instance of Realm Platform

Getting a hosted instance of the Realm Object Server is as easy as heading over to our cloud landing page and signing up. Once you've signed up, you'll create a new instance from our instances management page.

Connect with Realm Studio

Connecting to your cloud instance is easy with Realm Studio. Just click the "Connect to Realm Cloud" button and select your desired instance.
If you are sharing access to your cloud instance with another user, they can connect manually by clicking "Connect to Server".
You can get your instance URL by copying it from your cloud instances dashboard.

Create an admin user from Studio

For some of our server examples, we'll need an admin user. Luckily, it is very easy to create one from Realm Studio.
    Simply click the Users tab
    In the lower right hand corner, select Create a new user
    Provide a username and password
    Once you're created the user, it should appear on the list. Single click the user and a details pane will appear on the right side of studio.
    Change your user type from Regular to Administrator
Admin User Details in Studio

Getting Help

Having an issue with Realm Platform that you don't feel you can solve from the documentation? There are a number of avenues for you:
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