What is Realm Platform?

What is Realm Platform?

The Realm Platform is a combination of noSQL based server and client components connected via a fast and efficient sync protocol to enable real-time, connected apps and services that are responsive and performance irrespective of network status. The Realm Platform has two major components: the Realm Database and the Realm Object Server. These two components work in conjunction to automatically synchronize data enabling a large number of use cases ranging from offline first apps, field service and data collection apps, mobile services where data availability and user responsiveness is key. In addition through the integration capability with existing backends (SQL, Kafka, etc) Realm Platform is an excellent way to build a modern and real-time service experience while leveraging existing (and sometimes legacy) systems and data sources.
High Level Diagram of the Realm Platform

Realm Database

Embedded on the client, the Realm Database is a full-featured, object-oriented, cross-platform database that persists data locally on device. It's available for major mobile languages, such as Swift and Objective-C (iOS), Java (Android), C# (Xamarin, .NET), and JavaScript (React Native and Node.js). See our current language support for more information. The Realm Database is lightweight and highly performant, capable of handling very large data loads and running queries in fractions of a second. Based on shared live objects, it syncs data seamlessly in real-time with the Realm Object Server without the need to write networking, serialization, or object-relational mapping code. This means that your app will be able to refresh data as fast as needed to provide an enjoyable, engaging user experience. It is as well a perfect companion for writing reactive applications due to the 'live object' nature of the database.

Realm Object Server

Realm's unified data model extends to the Realm Object Server, which mirrors the Realm Database on device. It functions as a middleware component in the mobile app architecture and manages data synchronization, event handling, and integration with legacy systems.
The Realm Object Server can efficiently and simultaneously sync data across many devices and automatically resolve conflicts - all in real-time. Moreover, it provides a single place to manage all communications, including legacy API transactions, that may otherwise be subject to mobile network latency and other issues.
Realm Object Server is available through Realm Cloud.
Want to take a deeper look? Read the Realm Overview White Paper, a comprehensive overview that covers core concepts, key use cases, and implementation examples.
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